HoldFast Camera Swagg 100% Cotton Canvas Money Makers

This is the legendary MoneyMaker in a non-leather material.

Camera Swagg is a line of products designed around non-leather materials with a focus on performance and value. You get the same beautiful MoneyMaker design, same hardware, but all made 100% Cotton Canvas, instead of leather. These are one size fits all, and they come with everything you need to shoot with two cameras, including a pair of Camera Holdfasts.

This Vegan friendly MoneyMaker means business. High grade Cotton Canvas, anchored metal d-rings, safety straps that connect to the side lug mount, completely bypassing the clip and screw for ultimate security and impeccably versatile design make this an essential tool for the modern photographer.

Secure your cameras and important gear where it’s most accessible and comfortable—right on you.

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